I'm Kieran and here at Flat Calm Living we can work together towards stress free living. Kieran About

There were times where stress had gotten the better of me. I was at university bogged down in exams unsure of where I was going, what I was doing and I hated it.

Now I'm married, I wake up early unable to sleep because I'm to excited and I'm writing this page half way through a round the world trip. It's awesome!

So I put this site together to help us all make a solid plan to kick stress out the door and live happy lives! It wont be easy, but I am up to the task and I know you are too!

I believe I have such a great life because I learned what was causing my stress, how to prevent it, and how to over come it.

I have learned to catch the wave and ride out the storm.

Have a read of some of the articles and let me know what you think in the comments! I have a contact page in the nav bar and I am happy to respond to any questions people have. You can also find me on Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest and Facebook!!