Meditation Challenge Round Up

I’ll have to apologise for how late I am with this roundup! We’re almost a week into April and I can tell you I did not do very well at last month’s challenge. I started off OK, but as the month went on I went from meditating every day, to meditating about once a week. Rubbish.

p209476_1But on the days, I did meditate it was great, especially if I meditated first thing in the morning. When I meditated in the morning I spent the rest of the day carrying a smile and a sense of calm. I continued to hear my breathe and remain in the present ready for whatever I needed to do. This did carry over if I then didn’t meditate the next day but I always felt the best straight after I meditated.

It may not have gone well but I’m pretty sure I can identify where I went wrong and it’s this self-observation that meditation teaches you.

I increased the time waaay to quickly.

I knew it was ambitious to increase 5 minutes a week but I didn’t realise how much so. Once I got to 20 minutes I really struggled. Of course, meditation isn’t supposed to be easy, but because it had gotten so difficult, and it was taking longer, I began making excuses for myself not to do it, which is never the best habit. In future, I think I’ll stick to 10 minutes, and if I manage that consistently for a month, then I will up the time by 5 minutes. There’s no rush, so it was wrong of me to make push it so quickly.

I began a new project in March.

I also began a new side project in march and I’ve spent so much time on that I pushed Flat Calm Living to the side somewhat. Because there’s a new thing! It’s all shiny and exciting! But that’s ok, I realised before it’s too late and now I’m comfortable I can work on both side by side. Besides, doing this can only help improve my mindset making me much more focused on my work!

I rushed.

I think by issuing it as a challenge I ruined some of the basic rewards you get from meditating. By having it as a challenge I couldn’t let go of feeling bad when I didn’t meditate and letting go is exactly what you’re doing every time you meditate. It also became a slight burden when it should help bring balance and reduce stress. I didn’t feel especially stressed when I didn’t meditate but I did feel guilty which was never the intention. So I will keep meditating but I am going to lose the schedule. I will meditate as regularly as I feel like.

I set the goal to high.

I’ve talked before about goal setting and how I like to set massive goals and then try and come close to achieving them. This thinking usually makes me work twice as hard but for these challenges, I don’t think it’s applicable. So I need to start setting more realistic goals. Because starting to do something, and instantly doing it every day for an extended period is not easy. Not Impossible, but not easy. So for this months challenge, I will be aiming to do something 3 times a week.

Which brings me on to the next challenge, I am going to go running 3 times a week. I recently read a book called Born To Run and it really inspired me to start running again. I used to run when I was around 16 years old, I ran a half marathon and was part of a triathlon team for a short while. Since then, I have done very minimal running, except when I was running really late! I’ve headed out running I think 3 times in the past 2 weeks so I’m excited to amp this up and see what happens. And I think 3 times a week is much more manageable than every day! I’m not going to set distances or times or anything, I just want to head out to run, get back into the swing of things before I start setting any distance or time goals.

Dealing With Imposter Syndrome

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Imposter SyndromeI'll be completely honest and say I didn't want to write this post. I felt like I wasn't really qualified or wouldn't be able to talk about it as well as others have or could. Then the dawning realisation hit me. I am feeling imposter syndrome about writing a post about imposter syndrome. Irony or what!

Imposter syndrome is a term used to describe successful people who have a fear of being exposed as frauds. They don't believe they are responsible for their success. They believe their success came from things such as good timing and luck. Emma Watson, after she finished filming in the Harry Potter series lost complete faith in her own acting abilities. In an interview, she said “Any moment, someone’s going to find out I'm a total fraud. I can’t possibly live up to what everyone thinks I am.” This is the epitome of imposter syndrome.

It happens to a lot of people and it's important to try and counteract it before it causes you to hold yourself back and missing out on opportunities.

Here's what you can do to stop it taking over.


If you keep a track of everything you accomplish, whenever you are feeling like an imposter you can look at the list and see everything you have done to get to where you are. I do this with goal setting. I always a have a to-do list to try and focus myself. Then when I start  feeling out of my depth, I can look back and see everything I've done to get to where I am


Tell a friend you think you have imposter syndrome. Tell yourself in the mirror! Just get it voiced out into the open and then think about everything you've done. Make the fact that you have imposter syndrome ridiculous! You! You who has done so much to get to where you are! If you tell the right person that is what they will tell you.

What do you think would have happened if Emma Watson told her friends that she thought she was a terrible actor? Chances are they would have laughed in her face. And rightly so! It seems like such a ridiculous thing for someone so successful to think. So getting it out in the open and seeing it as laughable is good, it helps get things in perspective.


Ask yourself what will happen if you fail. Realistically what will actually happen if someone asks about what you know. And always be optimistic about this. I wanted to start this blog but for about a year before I finally begun work on it. I kept convincing myself of all the terrible things that might happen. Eventually, I managed to reason with myself that the worse outcomes were that no one would read it or like it (the only victim there would be my ego). Aside from that, I would be able to collect my thoughts and clearly define all the things that help me reduce stress. I would learn about setting up a website. Even if one person reads it and learns something to apply in their own life then it's a victory. So I decided I could set aside the possible bruising of my ego for all the great things that could come. And I'm so glad I did because of all the wonderful things I have learned so far!


Say you're going for a job interview. Like clockwork, the doubt starts trickling in. What if there is someone better than me? What if I can't answer the questions?

Fake it.

Go in pretending to be the person they're looking for. Go in as the person who has all the answers that they couldn't possibly say no to! You are awesome, charismatic and they couldn't possibly resist your charm. If you pretend to be this person all the way through you will likely have a lot more success than the person who went in convinced they'd fail! And if things don't work out, learn from it.


What you see and hear isn't the whole story. Everyone is just pretending they know what's happening! So don't stop because someone else is "better". If you always compare yourself to others you will always find someone who has done more or achieved more. You can't sit around wishing you'd achieved as much as Mark Zuckerburg by the age of 25. You have to go out and start doing! No one got to the top without years of hard work. Years of knuckling down learning, failing and trying again.

Remember, no one else can think your thoughts or take your actions.

The world needs you to go for it because no one else can do what you can. People can do similar things, they can copy what you do, but no one is you. So we need you to take action and start getting things done! Without your voice how will anyone be able to hear your thoughts!

If you know someone who might be suffering from imposter syndrome please share this with them!


10 Steps For A Good Night Sleep

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10 Steps to a good nights sleep

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While at uni I had my work desk beside the bed during exam time. So when I got into bed at night I would see the desk and go into work mode. This does not lead to a good sleep.


New pillows are just the best thing. Laying your head down on a brand new pillow is so comfortable you can't help but drift off!


What do you have to gain by sitting on Facebook or watching one more episode of a show on Netflix? Have a clear going to bed and getting up time which gives you plenty of time to relax and fall asleep. I currently go to bed at 9-9.30pm read for a while and get up for 6 am. I get 7.5 hours of sleep and feel awesome. Which I did not think would be possible at 6 am! At the weekends, the only difference is I aim for an extra sleep cycle, so I wake up at 7.30. Some might think this is the height of boring, which I understand but if you do have trouble sleeping. Trust me, it's worth it.


The back lights from electronic devices suppress melatonin. This is the hormone that regulates your sleep cycle. This means your body won't progress from light sleep to deep sleep and you'll have a disturbed sleep. This has been widely discussed but it is still important. You need to start doing it!


I've found that if I eat something small before bed I wake up more refreshed. Ideally, you want something with fat and protein so it releases energy slower. Personally, I like a slice or two of peanut butter on toast.


Drinking water makes you feel refreshed which causes you to relax. Once you're relaxed you can fall asleep! But don't drink too much or you'll be up all night peeing!


Having a nicely made bed makes getting into it way more satisfying. You can look at your bed and think “Yeah that looks comfy as anything! I can definitely sleep in there!” If it's a hodge podge of untucked sheet and duvet folded up at the bottom you will not feel inclined to jump in.


Keep a notebook by the bed so if you get stuck thinking about something right it all down. Once it's down it's out of your head.


Your sleep cycle is typically 90 minutes so 7.5 hours of sleep is the ideal. So do some self-observation and find out how long it takes you to fall asleep. Even if it takes you an hour set your alarm for 7.5+time to fall asleep. This way you wake up feeling ready for the day. Try an app that monitors your sleep cycle to find out what yours is. You feel groggy if you wake up mid sleep cycle so you want to wake up at the end.


If you your mind wanders catch it and go “ah now I wouldn't be thinking while I sleep!” and start thinking about your breath. Slow your breathing down to it's sleeping rhythm and fully embrace your sleeping side. Let it overwhelm you until you wake up in the morning fully refreshed and ready to go.

Got any sleeping tips? I'd love to hear them on my Facebook page! 

A Guide to Mindful Eating

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Mindful eating is a simple yet important part of any mindfulness practise

Mindful eating is a simple yet important part of any mindfulness practise

Do you ever find yourself eating a packet of crisps, go to take another one, and realise the packet's empty? Annoying, isn't it?

If you start eating mindfully, this won't happen any more.

Eating mindfully means slowing down and being aware of what you're eating. It means taking time to notice the flavour, the smell and the texture.

For a while, I was working crazy hours at a bar. I finished a 13-hour shift at 5am, then I had to go back at midday for another 12 hours. As you'd expect, I spent my break crashed out in bed. My alarm went off at 11am and I was still exhausted. I remember turning it off but the next thing I knew, I was sitting at the kitchen table eating a bowl of cereal. I had no idea how I got there. I had lost 15 minutes. This was definitely the least mindful I have ever been!

I practise mindful eating, so when I started breakfast it brought me back to the present. This is the aim of living mindfully: pulling yourself back into the present moment at any time.

Still not sold? Mindful eating has heaps of great benefits.


It's easy to keep dipping into the bowl of popcorn when you're sitting at home watching a movie. It happens! The TV's on. The brain's off. I was sitting on my computer one day and watched my wife head over to the snack cupboard and start rummaging. I was getting hungry myself so asked what she was getting to eat. She stopped and gave me a blank look. She didn't even know she was getting something to eat! It was entirely auto pilot.


If you eat mindfully, you learn to only eat when you're hungry. It might sound silly but it's an important skill! Food has a huge influence on your mind, body and mood, so it's great if you're aware of what you're eating. That way, you're in the driver's seat. You're in control. And you'll feel awesome – that's the cool bit. If you tend to be a fussy eater, it could help you learn to enjoy new foods and experience new things.

Mindful eating is also a great way of understanding what triggers your hunger. For example, I've learned that I tend to eat when I'm bored. Now when I get peckish, instead of grazing, I get myself a glass of water. More often than not, I'm actually thirsty, not hungry, so don't need to eat anything anyway. Two birds with one stone!

You aren't going to see the benefits of mindful eating straight away, but it's worth sticking with, trust me.

I even have some tricks to help you get started!


When you write down what you eat from day to day, you have a visual representation of your eating habits. This makes it so much easier to understand how certain foods affect you and highlights the snacks you scoff that you might not even notice otherwise.


Before you start eating, take three deep breaths. Use these seconds to appreciate the food in front of you. A lot of other people have a lot less to eat than you. It's a line used by mothers everywhere, but it's the truth. Be thankful.


Eating a bagel while squished into a bus seat isn't nice for anyone. It's important to take time out for your meals and where you decide to eat has a big impact on the way you feel about food. Set the table for yourself; get a drink; sit and down and enjoy your dinner. You've spent the time preparing it, so it makes sense that you should spend some time enjoying it. Another tip is to remove any distractions from around you while you eat. It works!


Every time you want something to eat, ask yourself these four questions:

  • Am I hungry?
  • AM I thirsty?
  • When was the last time I ate?
  • What was the last thing I ate?

If you had lunch an hour ago, you're probably not hungry now. Try having a glass of water instead. If you still want something to eat after that, then go for it. At the other end of the scale, if you haven't eaten for several hours, then make sure you have something substantial – you probably need it.

Try to think about what you're feeling, since it'll help you settle into a better routine.

Do you have any mindful eating tips? Leave me a comment below letting me know how you enjoy your food.


The 4-7-8 Breathing Technique

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The 4-7-8 breathing Technique. Try it and see if it helps you sleep! Mindfulness infographic

Can you breathe yourself to sleep?

For more great tips on getting a great sleep why don't you head over to our sister site The Dozy Owl!

Click Here To Check It Out!

The 4-7-8 breathing Technique. Try it and see if it helps you sleep!

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I cant remember when I first read about this technique but I think it was no doubt on reddit. It was being discussed as a sleeping aid and I was curious so I tried it.

I fell asleep in minutes!

I was really surprised. I went in thinking "nah this will never work" - which isn't a great attitude in itself. But I started, got two or three rounds in and woke up in the morning. It was weird! I'm not saying this will work for everyone but I have seen other testimonials like this so I encourage everyone to practise through the day and then give it a try when they get into bed.

Even if it doesn't send you straight to sleep it is a great way to relax and de stress quickly. It doesn't take long and requires no equipment so you can do it everywhere and anywhere!

A reddit user I spoke to made a great web tool visulizing the technique which is well worth checking out! You can find it at is beatifully simple. You simply sync your breathing to the expanding and shrinking circle. Lovely.

So please give it a shot and let me know how you feel after in the comments below!


Mandala Challenge Round Up

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The challenge is complete!

Here are all the mandalas I drew in the last two weeks. If You want to see them all individually check out my pinterest board!

Mandala challenge day 1-4



Mandala challenge day 5-8

Mandala challenge day 9-12Mandala challenge day 13-14I'm really pleased with how they turned out. I've never been an artistic person and because I'm not very good I never wanted to put time into getting better. So forcing myself to complete 14 different mandalas was a great feeling.

It was great just to settle my mind as well, particularly the ones that I coloured. Having to just sit and concentrate on the paper in front of me just cleared my mind. On the days where I was organised to draw earlier in the day it really settled me and just allowed me to smile through the rest of the day. It was great!

My two personal favourites are the second last and the turtle inspired mandala but what do you guys think? I'm definitely going to keep this up but I wont rush to finish them like I sometimes had to do for the challenge.

If you want to learn yourself then check out How to draw a mandala over at  I can tell you it is well worth it!

I also have a compilation of other mandalas that inspired me over on my Pinterest if you want to check it out!


The next challenge!

For the next challenge I decided to do a fitness challenge. I've done health and mindfulness so it's about time I got my sweat on for the cause! 

So I am going to be doing a tabata set a day. 

A tabata set is a 4 minute exercise set that involves 20 seconds going all out then 10 seconds of rest, for 8 sets. It sounds easy enough but trust me after 4 minutes you want to die... But one the plus side after 4 minutes your work out is done! They are normally incorporated into bigger fitness routines but I wanted to see what doing one every morning would do because that can be easily fit into a routine.

You get a load of different apps for the times, I typed in tabata timer to google play store and downloaded the first one. Easy!

The exercises I'm going to be doing are mountain climbers, burpees, russian twists and squat jumps. And I've roped my wife into it with me so it will be double the fun!  Youtube is full of tutorials if you don't know what any of those exercises are, just head over there and search it. Here is another list of different exercises you can do for tabata sets.

So that's it! I encourage you to take the challenge and see the results for yourself! Nothing quite like a challenge where you get a big pile of finished results either. Let me know in the comments if you give it a try!



Do it for you!

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Do It For YouIf you had the option to feel happy and fulfilled everyday would you take it?

Of course you would!

Well all it takes is one change in your behaviour. Your attitude to getting up in the morning.

If you get up in the morning because you feel you have to, you're going to spend the day one step behind - never quite getting everything done and feeling totally overwhelmed.

If you get up in the morning because you want to, you can seize control and go through the day on your terms, striding in to each task and powering through your day!

"But I have to get up in the morning! I have have to go to work!" You say

Well I have news for you. No one is forcing you to go work. Your boss can't make you. Your family and friends can't make you. Sure, there are a lot of reasons you may need to go to work, but you don't have to. You could just keep sleeping!

But you don't, you want to get paid and be able to provide for yourself or your family. People convince themselves they have to go to work but they don't, they get to go to work. They are lucky enough to have a job and get paid! So when you wake up for work, go because you want to. Because you do want to, really, you don't have to smile your way through the day enjoying every minute of it. But you have chosen to be there because you want to be there.

You want to continue working so you should get up in the morning telling yourself that. Literally tell yourself you want to go to work and tell yourself why your grateful for you job. Things could always be a lot worse so count yourself lucky and get out of bed!

Having this attitude means you get to be in control. You get to decide what's happening and be in control of your stress. One of the main causes of stress is a change in circumstance. So by taking the drivers seat you're battling each one like the cool collected person you are.

This is a fantastic list from which is a 10 point list of all the things to be thankful for as a parent. Moments a Day

I love this. A big list of reasons having things to do is great not terrible.

If you begin the day on someone else's terms you're always going to be one step behind. So in doing it for you, you will find yourself less lethargic and even find yourself getting excited for whatever comes next! If you do it on your terms you're in the lead, you're not playing catch up with everything.

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Preparing For The Unexpected – The Back Up Plan

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Preparing For The Unexpected- The Back Up PlanIf you have a backup plan when something goes wrong your  plan simply changes and you continue on. The wave rose and you caught that bad boy and can ride to safety while everyone else runs like a headless chicken. But what about totally unexpected events? The one in a million never thought I'd see the day events. Well on those occasions you probably didn't think about a backup plan before hand. So what are you going to do?


In and out.

Now make a plan.

Nothing will happen unless you make it so, think of how you're going to get out of it. Something had gone wrong, damn it. Ok, what are the options? There are always options. If you think you might miss your flight what are the options? Talk to the help desk, try to get your ticket moved to a later flight, buy a new ticket, run like the blazes to try to make your flight. Next, take the action, get it done.

If you truly exhaust every possibility? If you've run through all the options and your last chance is calling Superman? Then do nothing. If nothing can be done then accept it. Worrying won't change it. And if it was out of your control you can't take responsibility for it so just wait it out. Whatever the problem was will likely resolve itself anyway.

There was a film out in 2001 called rat race in which a group of people have to race across America to a locker. The locker has a big bag of money inside and it's all for the pleasure of some rich gambling addicts. They all run off to the airport, then tragedy strikes and all the flights get shut down. Everyone thinks of a backup plans and races off in a multitude of convoluted and hair brained ways.


Meanwhile, one character unwittingly waits it out at the airport due to his narcolepsy. By the time he wakes up he can jump straight on a plane and ends up being the first person to the locker. Obviously, this is a movie but It shows good things come to those who wait.

While preparing for anything always keep a backup plan in the back of your head.

If I'm heading somewhere on a busy train, I don't have the space to read so I start running through scenarios in my head. In my head all the things that could go wrong do, and I think of what I would do in each case. It's just a game to pass the time and it helps me live in the moment, but it carries over. I am able to prepare a backup plan for situations quickly as they occur. Situation more likely than Godzilla pushing the train off the tracks.

Some backup plans carry over as well so you only need to think of them once and you can lock them in. Like dinner for instance. Your dinner should not be a stressful experience so if you burn it to a crisp you could stress or go to your backup plan. Order takeaway! Sure it's not perfect but at least, you get to eat your dinner!

So always have your backup plan ready and you can lower your stress massively when stressful situations arise.

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It’ll Be Fine

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It'll be fine is a motto I live by. Dinner a bit burnt? It'll be fine. Got three deadlines on the same day? It'll be fine. Not sure how to put together your new table with no instructions? Just go for it, it'll be fine.It'll Be Fine

This unerring optimism is what I grew up with and I love it. Every time things start going wrong I say to myself it'll be fine. Because it will be, if it's not fine it's not finished. It pushes you on with a belief that everything will be OK. And it works in situations big or small. For instance, when I forget to go to the shops to get milk. I can have toast in the morning or pick something up on the way to work. No point getting hung up on it, I can't change it now so it'll be fine!

On a bigger scale.

We were heading to New York and our plane was delayed so we were going to arrive late at night to a foreign city, with a bad reputation. We could have panicked about getting the subway late at night and not being able to get any food. However, we decided we'd spend a bit extra and get a taxi from the airport and then google places to eat once we got there. Eventually, we got out the taxi and saw an all-night deli across the road. Sorted! And a whole lot of unnecessary worrying was avoided because we believed it would be fine and so it was. That's just two examples but I can tell you that:

After more than 20 years it hasn't been wrong yet!It'll be fine (2)

Sure things haven't always gone to plan, there have been many unavoidable tragedies in my life, just like everyone else, but right now as I type these words? I'd say everything was just fine indeed. I'm sitting next to my wife in a foreign country with the sun shining, talking to all you lovely people who have taken the time to read this. What's not fine about that!

You could spend hours arguing about all the things to panic over in any given situation. But if you believe everything will be fine then it calms and clears your mind so you can think of a solution and change the situation. And hey presto, it's all fine!

Basically, it is a mantra that always keeps you moving forwards. Instead of getting bogged down in a spiral of panic you remain calm knowing everything will be fine, so you find out how to make it so.

How to implement it in your life.

So as per usual you start small, try it with things around the house. Next time you notice a mini disaster tell yourself it'll be fine and find a solution. Every mini disaster can be taken in your stride and should not move you up or down. Embrace it, accept it has happened, find a solution and act. Boom! Crisis averted

Maybe your solution is temporary? That's OK. You might realise Monday morning you have forgotten to wash your work trousers and have nothing else. Begin panic stations! Or, think of a solution solve the problem and then it'll be fine. Even if you take your trousers out the wash basket and iron them and throw them on for that day that's OK. It's just temporary and it's better than going to work in your underwear so it's fine. Trust me.

It is a self-fulfilling belief system that can do no harm. It allows you to catch the wave and ride through each day, a smile on your face and calmness over your soul. I truly believe everything is fine and always will be and it is because of this it comes true. It doesn't hurt anyone and reduces my stress so I hope it can help you too.

I encourage all of you to give it a go! And give the article a share using the sidebar on the right! 


Living In The Moment

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For a happy mind, it is important to live in this moment right here and right now. Your time should not be spent looking to the future or dwelling in the past, it should be spent enjoying all the great things all around you. 

Smile in the momentIt might be 5 degrees and the warmest clothing you have is a jumper, but you can still smile!

The Past

Whatever has happened in your past will stay that way for the rest of your life. It will never change. That does not mean it dictates who you are today. Every day is a fresh chance to do something good, make a new decision and make your life a little easier and little happier.

In the past, you may have had many faults that you're aware of and accepted. But that does not mean that the person who woke up today has to do the same. You have to commit to being the person you want to be, make a conscious decision to make a change and be the person that you want to be. It is, of course, easier said than done, but saying it to yourself is the first baby step.

For instance, say you want to a kinder person, now that's a bit vague but just start small, make a note to be polite to all the people you meet. Did someone bump into you on the bus? That's fine no need to berate them, chances are it was an accident. Are you at a shop? Say thank you, ask how the person serving you is doing. Smile!

The past is never going to change but don't let it define you. You can be whoever you want to be on any given day. The choice is yours.

The Future

Getting caught up in thinking to the future is also a bad habit to be avoided, even if it's being excited about something it is important to remain in the moment. You could be saving for a house deposit and only be two years away, but if all your attention is set on how much you're going to love the house, how amazing it will be how perfect everything will be once you have a house. You forget to enjoy where you are right now.

If you're saving for a house, you are likely in a really good place in your life, you've got a good job where you can save some of your income, you're settled enough in the city you're in that you're committing to buying a house. Maybe you're buying a house with your partner? That's great! You are in a loving relationship and going to buy a house together. Woohoo!

It's OK to be excited, just don't let it hold all of your attention, enjoy all the great things you have going on around you because that will help lower your stress about your end game and let you sink into enjoying each day and the journey. It also means if any hiccups come up along the way you won't get totally crushed.

I'm guilty of this as well, I was stuck thinking about all the great things this blog could lead to. So much to learn, so many people to help it'll be great! I spent a lot of time fantasizing about how great it would be, meanwhile, I hadn't written any articles! How am I meant to help anyone with only good intentions and ideas?? If I'd managed to keep myself in the present moment I could have start writing articles three weeks ago! But I realised my mistake, decided not to dwell in the past, and began writing. Now that the blog is launched it has content for you lovely readers to browse, as opposed to being a shell full of hopes and dreams.

Every day holds a new possibility, you can't decide what the future will hold. You can steer yourself towards the future you want but you can't plan out every possibility and if you practise sticking to the now you will ride out each disaster as it happens and come out the other side smiling a lot faster than others might.

How To Be In The Moment

If you need some help to break out of that mindset in a given instant then there are some different exercises to help keep you in the moment if you look into mindfulness practises. Something I find useful is nice and easy.

Push away from your desk, or simply take a step backwards and close your eyes. Sit or stand with good straight posture and take a breath all the way in, and out. Keep breathing nice big controlled breaths and plant your feet firmly on the ground and push against the earth. Not so much that you stand or fall over but you are completely steady. Feel that you are still here. You are in this moment right now. That is your feet touching the ground. There is nothing else, only you in this moment connecting with the earth, not drifting away into your thoughts and getting lost. Keep breathing and when you are ready to open your eyes and begin again at what you were doing. In that moment.

Living in the moment

They might not be the prettiest feet but I know when they press into the floor they are mine

This helps me to ground myself if I'm getting stressed. I cannot create more time. I cannot use the time that is passed I can simply use the time I have right now to do all that I can.

Be present.

The past is constant, dwelling on it will not achieve anything. The future holds so many uncertainties that planning out every step will not get you anywhere. Having an end goal is fine just take all the twists and turns in your stride and stay present. It is full of joy and wonder.

If you have any practices you do to keep yourself grounded please share them in the comments! I'd love to try them out. Or if you give it a go let me know how you find it.