Flat Calm Living Book Club

I love to read, and a lot of the time, I go around talking to all my friends desperate to find someone who has read the book or is willing too. Often this comes to no avail and I'm stuck having read an amazing book with no one to share it with!

So... why wouldn't I share that experience with other people?

Welcome to the Flat Calm Living Book Club!

Our goal is to create a space in the big, bad internet to talk about books and read new things as part of a community.White Fang- Jack London

As if we need an excuse to read...

I think reading is really important to mental well being and that everyone should read. Reading promotes learning, opens up new areas you may not have known about and lets you experience so many different worlds and opinions. Fiction provides new worlds to explore and get invested in while non fiction can open up new ideas and perspectives on a myriad of topics. There is no downside! 

I'm going to post a discussion on every second Monday of the month to give myself, and anyone who wants to join in, plenty of time to read the book.

Our first Book Club pick is going to be White Fang By Jack London (Here's a UK link) and I'll be posting what I think about it on the 11th January 2016.

So join me to talk about one of my favourite things! Leave us a comment if there are any books you think I'd enjoy or that you want us to talk about.

These are affiliate links to Amazon so if you go through them and buy the book we get a commission which would be awesome 🙂 And this book is free on kindle so every one wins!

Happy reading!


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