Mandala Challenge Round Up

The challenge is complete!

Here are all the mandalas I drew in the last two weeks. If You want to see them all individually check out my pinterest board!

Mandala challenge day 1-4



Mandala challenge day 5-8

Mandala challenge day 9-12Mandala challenge day 13-14I'm really pleased with how they turned out. I've never been an artistic person and because I'm not very good I never wanted to put time into getting better. So forcing myself to complete 14 different mandalas was a great feeling.

It was great just to settle my mind as well, particularly the ones that I coloured. Having to just sit and concentrate on the paper in front of me just cleared my mind. On the days where I was organised to draw earlier in the day it really settled me and just allowed me to smile through the rest of the day. It was great!

My two personal favourites are the second last and the turtle inspired mandala but what do you guys think? I'm definitely going to keep this up but I wont rush to finish them like I sometimes had to do for the challenge.

If you want to learn yourself then check out How to draw a mandala over at  I can tell you it is well worth it!

I also have a compilation of other mandalas that inspired me over on my Pinterest if you want to check it out!


The next challenge!

For the next challenge I decided to do a fitness challenge. I've done health and mindfulness so it's about time I got my sweat on for the cause! 

So I am going to be doing a tabata set a day. 

A tabata set is a 4 minute exercise set that involves 20 seconds going all out then 10 seconds of rest, for 8 sets. It sounds easy enough but trust me after 4 minutes you want to die... But one the plus side after 4 minutes your work out is done! They are normally incorporated into bigger fitness routines but I wanted to see what doing one every morning would do because that can be easily fit into a routine.

You get a load of different apps for the times, I typed in tabata timer to google play store and downloaded the first one. Easy!

The exercises I'm going to be doing are mountain climbers, burpees, russian twists and squat jumps. And I've roped my wife into it with me so it will be double the fun!  Youtube is full of tutorials if you don't know what any of those exercises are, just head over there and search it. Here is another list of different exercises you can do for tabata sets.

So that's it! I encourage you to take the challenge and see the results for yourself! Nothing quite like a challenge where you get a big pile of finished results either. Let me know in the comments if you give it a try!



2 thoughts on “Mandala Challenge Round Up”

  1. I felt pleasantness with 8th mandala here, it depicts the cosmos does not have any boundaries. Our view on cosmos can be infinite and stretchable (not representing the boundary with straight line here).
    The yellow saw represents that our mind is always seeking happiness around. And we want to be pleasant with our five senses which are limited around.
    And then the four ellipses in the outer circle pointing inner blue circle represent four ways to reach the ultimate happiness, focusing inward. The four ways are Karma (action) yoga, Bhakti (devotion) yoga, Raja (meditation) yoga and Jnana (knowledge) yoga. Here Yoga means path.
    The blue circle at the centre represents the ultimate happiness remains undisturbed.

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