Meditation Challenge Round Up

I’ll have to apologise for how late I am with this roundup! We’re almost a week into April and I can tell you I did not do very well at last month’s challenge. I started off OK, but as the month went on I went from meditating every day, to meditating about once a week. Rubbish.

p209476_1But on the days, I did meditate it was great, especially if I meditated first thing in the morning. When I meditated in the morning I spent the rest of the day carrying a smile and a sense of calm. I continued to hear my breathe and remain in the present ready for whatever I needed to do. This did carry over if I then didn’t meditate the next day but I always felt the best straight after I meditated.

It may not have gone well but I’m pretty sure I can identify where I went wrong and it’s this self-observation that meditation teaches you.

I increased the time waaay to quickly.

I knew it was ambitious to increase 5 minutes a week but I didn’t realise how much so. Once I got to 20 minutes I really struggled. Of course, meditation isn’t supposed to be easy, but because it had gotten so difficult, and it was taking longer, I began making excuses for myself not to do it, which is never the best habit. In future, I think I’ll stick to 10 minutes, and if I manage that consistently for a month, then I will up the time by 5 minutes. There’s no rush, so it was wrong of me to make push it so quickly.

I began a new project in March.

I also began a new side project in march and I’ve spent so much time on that I pushed Flat Calm Living to the side somewhat. Because there’s a new thing! It’s all shiny and exciting! But that’s ok, I realised before it’s too late and now I’m comfortable I can work on both side by side. Besides, doing this can only help improve my mindset making me much more focused on my work!

I rushed.

I think by issuing it as a challenge I ruined some of the basic rewards you get from meditating. By having it as a challenge I couldn’t let go of feeling bad when I didn’t meditate and letting go is exactly what you’re doing every time you meditate. It also became a slight burden when it should help bring balance and reduce stress. I didn’t feel especially stressed when I didn’t meditate but I did feel guilty which was never the intention. So I will keep meditating but I am going to lose the schedule. I will meditate as regularly as I feel like.

I set the goal to high.

I’ve talked before about goal setting and how I like to set massive goals and then try and come close to achieving them. This thinking usually makes me work twice as hard but for these challenges, I don’t think it’s applicable. So I need to start setting more realistic goals. Because starting to do something, and instantly doing it every day for an extended period is not easy. Not Impossible, but not easy. So for this months challenge, I will be aiming to do something 3 times a week.

Which brings me on to the next challenge, I am going to go running 3 times a week. I recently read a book called Born To Run and it really inspired me to start running again. I used to run when I was around 16 years old, I ran a half marathon and was part of a triathlon team for a short while. Since then, I have done very minimal running, except when I was running really late! I’ve headed out running I think 3 times in the past 2 weeks so I’m excited to amp this up and see what happens. And I think 3 times a week is much more manageable than every day! I’m not going to set distances or times or anything, I just want to head out to run, get back into the swing of things before I start setting any distance or time goals.

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