Tabata Challenge Round up

The Tabata challenge was I think the hardest challenge to date. It was mentally very difficult and physically even more difficult. Tabata sets are a form of high-intensity interval training, which I talked about in a previous post, and it focuses on a 4-minute workout. You chose a cardio based exercise, such as burpees, and you do 20 seconds full intensity, rest for 10 seconds and repeat for 8 rounds. The initial challenge was to do one of these every day for 2 weeks. After the first day, I decided to change this to 3 times a week for a month. Every day was likely going to lead to an injury.

The challenge was a really good one. Unfortunately, I got the flu at the end of the month which flared up my asthma so I didn't finish the final week of the challenge. On the days I did the Tabata it was definitely worth it because it took no time at all it really invigorated me for the rest of the day. I could feel the burn the next day even after just 4-minutes and I had that awesome endorphin high and energized feeling. The downside was it was very hard to stay motivated for. There were a couple of days I woke up especially tired and forcing myself to get psyched to do the Tabata was not easy. Forcing myself to do it anyway was a worthy exercise in itself as it's good to have that sort of discipline.Tabata Challenge Round Up

Here's what I did manage!

I would highly recommend it as a form of exercise so long as you can commit yourself to do it. I think the best way would be to plan ahead at the start of each week. Set the exact date and time, and decide what exercise you going to do. This way you leave no room for excuses not to do it you can get it over and done with. It's going to be something I do maybe once or twice a week. They are worth doing it's just difficult to stay motivated.

Next Challenge

All the challenges from now are going to be month long and for the next challenge, I'm going to do a 30-day sit. I'm going to meditate every day for a month. Meditation is something I've enjoyed in the past. It helped me out a lot during stressful times but it's not anything I've committed to a full routine. I think it would be well worth doing more often so I'm going to do it every day of this month.

I'll be doing a basic breathing meditation. To do this, you sit comfortably and breathe, nice and slow. For every breath in and out you count 1, and try to make it up to 10. Every time your mind wanders you start counting again.  While doing this you observe any thoughts that come to mind. Because your mind does wonder and when it does you acknowledge it and return to your breathing. I'm going to start at 10 minutes for the first week and increase this 5 minutes at a time for every week the passes. If you have never meditated before I would recommend going for a shorter time. 2 minutes is a lot better than nothing and you can increase it as the weeks go on.

I'm going to start at 10 minutes for the first week and increase this by 5 minutes for every week that passes.

Here is a great video showing you the basics of meditation for anyone who wants to join in!


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