Do You Really Need Extra Electrolytes?

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I was watching TV the other day when a Powerade advert came on. They were talking about how your body needs electrolytes when you exercise because you lose them through sweat. Of course, the best way to replenish them was to buy their product.

I had no idea what an electrolyte actually is.

I thought other people might be the same so stay tuned to find out!

Do you really need extra electrolytesThey are cells that contain an electric charge, such as calcium, magnesium, potassium, and sodium. And you do you lose them when you sweat so that part was genuine!

The important part about electrolytes is the charge. This charge is what your body uses to communicate with itself. When a positive cell is next to a negative cell a charge can get passed through. This causes a big chain reaction through your body up to your brain. Say your finger is sore, this charge will send a signal to your brain telling it your finger is sore period. These signals keep your Body in Balance.


Electrolytes have a lot to do in your body. Your body knows how much sodium there is and balance this with water so as not to dehydrate you. When you sweat you lose sodium and as such your body retains less water to help you keep balance. So when you have more sodium your body contains more water and water is essential for a healthy body. Electrolytes keep the same balance with the acidity levels of your blood. If your blood becomes too acidic or too alkali it can cause you to become ill. They are also responsible for helping your muscles contract, relax and repair!


Everybody! Everybody needs electrolytes because they’re an important part of your body. Fortunately, they are more than abundant in fruits and vegetables as well as other foods. So as long as you’re eating a balanced diet you will definitely have enough electrolytes.

If you find yourself with bad muscle cramps you may be lacking sodium, one of your electrolytes. The easiest way to fix this? Glass of water with a little bit of table salt. Not so much that you’re sick, just enough to help your muscles sort themselves out.


Generally, I would say no, your body should have enough nourishment stored from eating a balanced diet. The exception is if you are exercising in very high temperatures.

The people who will likely benefit are endurance athletes. If you’re going to be running an ultramarathon, you may be running for up to 12 hours. During this, there is no way of replenishing the body so it might be worth using a supplement.


Basically, they are the oil to help things keep running smoothly! They are simple to get by eating fruits and vegetables, drinking mineral water. As always maintaining a healthy diet! It won’t hinder you to have a sports drink while you’re exercising, but it’s not necessary.

They also tend to be quite expensive so consider making your own a home! Take an empty bottle with fruit juice top up with water and add a pinch of salt. Easy, simple, cheap

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