It’ll Be Fine

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It'll be fine is a motto I live by. Dinner a bit burnt? It'll be fine. Got three deadlines on the same day? It'll be fine. Not sure how to put together your new table with no instructions? Just go for it, it'll be fine.It'll Be Fine

This unerring optimism is what I grew up with and I love it. Every time things start going wrong I say to myself it'll be fine. Because it will be, if it's not fine it's not finished. It pushes you on with a belief that everything will be OK. And it works in situations big or small. For instance, when I forget to go to the shops to get milk. I can have toast in the morning or pick something up on the way to work. No point getting hung up on it, I can't change it now so it'll be fine!

On a bigger scale.

We were heading to New York and our plane was delayed so we were going to arrive late at night to a foreign city, with a bad reputation. We could have panicked about getting the subway late at night and not being able to get any food. However, we decided we'd spend a bit extra and get a taxi from the airport and then google places to eat once we got there. Eventually, we got out the taxi and saw an all-night deli across the road. Sorted! And a whole lot of unnecessary worrying was avoided because we believed it would be fine and so it was. That's just two examples but I can tell you that:

After more than 20 years it hasn't been wrong yet!It'll be fine (2)

Sure things haven't always gone to plan, there have been many unavoidable tragedies in my life, just like everyone else, but right now as I type these words? I'd say everything was just fine indeed. I'm sitting next to my wife in a foreign country with the sun shining, talking to all you lovely people who have taken the time to read this. What's not fine about that!

You could spend hours arguing about all the things to panic over in any given situation. But if you believe everything will be fine then it calms and clears your mind so you can think of a solution and change the situation. And hey presto, it's all fine!

Basically, it is a mantra that always keeps you moving forwards. Instead of getting bogged down in a spiral of panic you remain calm knowing everything will be fine, so you find out how to make it so.

How to implement it in your life.

So as per usual you start small, try it with things around the house. Next time you notice a mini disaster tell yourself it'll be fine and find a solution. Every mini disaster can be taken in your stride and should not move you up or down. Embrace it, accept it has happened, find a solution and act. Boom! Crisis averted

Maybe your solution is temporary? That's OK. You might realise Monday morning you have forgotten to wash your work trousers and have nothing else. Begin panic stations! Or, think of a solution solve the problem and then it'll be fine. Even if you take your trousers out the wash basket and iron them and throw them on for that day that's OK. It's just temporary and it's better than going to work in your underwear so it's fine. Trust me.

It is a self-fulfilling belief system that can do no harm. It allows you to catch the wave and ride through each day, a smile on your face and calmness over your soul. I truly believe everything is fine and always will be and it is because of this it comes true. It doesn't hurt anyone and reduces my stress so I hope it can help you too.

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