Preparing For The Unexpected – The Back Up Plan

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Preparing For The Unexpected- The Back Up PlanIf you have a backup plan when something goes wrong your  plan simply changes and you continue on. The wave rose and you caught that bad boy and can ride to safety while everyone else runs like a headless chicken. But what about totally unexpected events? The one in a million never thought I'd see the day events. Well on those occasions you probably didn't think about a backup plan before hand. So what are you going to do?


In and out.

Now make a plan.

Nothing will happen unless you make it so, think of how you're going to get out of it. Something had gone wrong, damn it. Ok, what are the options? There are always options. If you think you might miss your flight what are the options? Talk to the help desk, try to get your ticket moved to a later flight, buy a new ticket, run like the blazes to try to make your flight. Next, take the action, get it done.

If you truly exhaust every possibility? If you've run through all the options and your last chance is calling Superman? Then do nothing. If nothing can be done then accept it. Worrying won't change it. And if it was out of your control you can't take responsibility for it so just wait it out. Whatever the problem was will likely resolve itself anyway.

There was a film out in 2001 called rat race in which a group of people have to race across America to a locker. The locker has a big bag of money inside and it's all for the pleasure of some rich gambling addicts. They all run off to the airport, then tragedy strikes and all the flights get shut down. Everyone thinks of a backup plans and races off in a multitude of convoluted and hair brained ways.


Meanwhile, one character unwittingly waits it out at the airport due to his narcolepsy. By the time he wakes up he can jump straight on a plane and ends up being the first person to the locker. Obviously, this is a movie but It shows good things come to those who wait.

While preparing for anything always keep a backup plan in the back of your head.

If I'm heading somewhere on a busy train, I don't have the space to read so I start running through scenarios in my head. In my head all the things that could go wrong do, and I think of what I would do in each case. It's just a game to pass the time and it helps me live in the moment, but it carries over. I am able to prepare a backup plan for situations quickly as they occur. Situation more likely than Godzilla pushing the train off the tracks.

Some backup plans carry over as well so you only need to think of them once and you can lock them in. Like dinner for instance. Your dinner should not be a stressful experience so if you burn it to a crisp you could stress or go to your backup plan. Order takeaway! Sure it's not perfect but at least, you get to eat your dinner!

So always have your backup plan ready and you can lower your stress massively when stressful situations arise.

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