Wild – Cheryl Strayed

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 Wild is one of the most exciting and humbling books I have ever read.Wild- Cheryl Strayed

Wild is an autobiographical book detailing the journey of Cheryl Strayed as she walks the Pacific Crest Trail (PCT) covering more than 1000 miles along the west coast of America. She details with full honesty the many hardships she faced in her life, her mothers unfortunate passing, her journey in to the world of heroin and more. She faces the PCT as her act of redemption leaving her old life behind and starting a fresh somewhere new.

I really connected with Cheryl  as she details her journey as she spares no expense in giving you every thought and emotion she felt on her trip. Her fear as she crossed the paths of bears and rattle snakes, and the supreme joy of bumping into another soul along the trail.

Her style of writing is really friendly as well, you feel as if she's talking to you. Wild is also filled with fantastic quotes I just loved:

I'm a free spirit who never had the balls to be free.

Cheryl Strayed's attention to detail is another feature that really makes this book stand out for me. For instance, she recalls exactly what she did at the motel before setting off on the trail; A full list of what she packed into her rucksack, what the receptionist said to her and how she felt first trying to lift her bag which earns the nickname monster. She must have kept a very detailed journal with her on her travels and I love that.

Her complete honesty is captivating as she spares no detail of her life no matter how tragic things got. I cant help but feel for how difficult it must have been to retrospectively live through those parts of her life again and to write it all down to give to the public.

It is a highly inspiring book reading how Cheryl Strayed manages to keep going and pushing on through the Pacific Crest Trail despite her lack of experience and knowledge. It is one of those books that inspires you to do anything, go out and try. It made me want to explore my own backyard and hike up into the mountains of Scotland. I've been staring at them all my life but never have I taken the plunge and gone to explore the beauty that must be hidden within.

I implore you to read Wild by Cheryl Strayed It is inspiring, humbling and will call you to action to go out and do.

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THE NEXT INSTALMENT! Big Magic - Eilizabeth Gilbert

For the next section of the book club we are going to be reading BIG MAGIC by ELIZABETH GILBERTAgain here is a UK affiliate link

This is the author of eat pray love and it is a book about connecting with your creative side. My wife just finished reading it and told me about some of the advice she gives and it sounds fantastic! Really excited to get stuck into this one, especially as I have started this blog!

So I hope that you come and join me and let me know what you think!